The Best Cold Weather Running Gear

December 16, 2021

By: Marissa Buyck 
Date Published: 12/16/2021

Running in the winter requires discipline that some of us may never know, but for those brave souls that can make it out there when the road calls, despite the weather, the dark, or the cold – it’s important you gear up with proper cold weather gear. Because no matter how tough your mental attitude may be, wind chill is real and can wreck a run-in a less time than it would take to roll over in bed on a cold morning (which is what we are not doing, because we are cold weather warriors. Right?!)

So, what is it that you need to stay warm and committed when winter hits? Let’s break it down.

The most important thing about cold weather running is layering. Layers will come on, and layers will come off. Layers are the only thing that will save you when your body temperature fluctuates as wildly as it does during a cold weather run. Layering will also allow you to find the balance of becoming too warm and sweaty or too cold and stiff.


For our base layer, we chose our Rise Long Sleeve. Easy pick. Why? The Rise Long Sleeve wicks sweat like a master and it includes a vent in the back for airflow. This is the shirt you want to trust to keep you dry.

Next, we’re going with the Tour Jacket or the Traverse Jacket. Running jackets are the best because they seal in the warmth you’ve accumulated from all that moving, yet are so easy to remove, half zip, unzip all the way, or take off. The Tour Jacket has a hood as well, which only helps the layering case even more.


For bottoms, we suggest either our Weekender Jogger (Men's | Women's) or our 365 Jogger. Both are performance pants that allow you the stretch you need to break out into full stride. The weekender is a tougher, more structured material while the 365 Jogger is extra soft next to your skin.


Next, we’ve got accessories. This is where you’re going to make or break your layering game. In addition to your already layered outfit, you should have a pair of gloves. These can be our fleece-lined reflective gloves, or they can be the convertible glove/mitt for extra cold temperatures. Pair those with either our fleece-lined headband or beanie to keep your ears warm, and your hair back. 

And last, don’t forget to add a pair of technical running socks. You may be tempted to go thick and extra warm here but remember – your feet will be moving and sweating in thick cotton-like fabrics. Try our Low Cut Run Sock for a secure fit that leaves no blisters behind.

Above all, your cold weather gear should do one major thing – wick sweat. Sweat will make you cold and keep you cold. The dryer you can stay, the easier it will be to be warm.


It is worth remembering that winter usually comes with one other thing – the dark. Pair your cold weather gear with some reflective gear and you should be good to go. 

If you’re wearing our Reflective Headband or Reflective Gloves, you’ll already have some reflectivity from the swirling design. Add on our Streak Reflective Vest, a Terra Fire 400 RX Hand Torch, and the Neutron Fire RX Handlamp and you’ll be the brightest on the road.

The only last piece to add is our Strobe Light LED Safety Clip. Add one, add tons. The more you add, the more lit up you’ll be. I like to go colorful here and switch up the colors but choose whichever is your preference.

In the end, just remember to stay warm, stay seen, and stay safe. If you’ve got that down, staying committed to your run this winter will be a breeze.

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