How Our New Speeddraw Plus Insulated Is Like A Peanut Butter-And-Jelly Sandwich

Posted by Ellen Donahue

Peanut butter is delicious in its own right. However, combined with grape jelly and smothered onto two pieces of bread into one satisfying sandwich, it's elevated to a whole other level of deliciousness.

I feel that way about NATHAN's new SpeedDraw Plus Insulated handheld. Yes, I'm comparing our new handheld to the much-loved, kids' lunchtime staple. Hear me out.

An ergo bottle? A wonderful feature to any handheld. Insulation? Yes, love it. 360-degree reflectivity? Safety first!

All great features in their own right, all positive aspects of any product.

But, combined into one super-awesome handheld? Well, now we're talking.

You might think I'm biased (after all, I do work for NATHAN, so perhaps I am - a little), but having run 26.2 miles with this handheld through the boroughs of New York City, I'm telling you - it's the peanut butter-and-jelly of handhelds. Here's why:

  • My hands don't get tired. Either one. The one wearing the 18 oz handheld stays relaxed and tension-free thanks to both the Flask's ergo-shape and the handstrap's thumbhole (no death grip needed). My other hand doesn't have to spend a second adjusting and readjusting the handstrap - because it doesn't loosen over the miles, so I can just - imagine this - keep my mind focused on putting one foot in front of the other, secretly hope I pass another runner headed the other way so we can high-five (because my hand is free!), and continue pondering how my four-year-old's negotiation skills are already far superior than mine.


  • When I run at night (in addition to clipping on a StrobeLight and a LightSpur - multiple points of light, runners!), I have some added peace-of-mind knowing I have 360-degree reflectivity in my hand. The Fire & Ice technology in this bottle means there's reflective fabric in the 18 oz Flask, so any light that hits the bottle is bouncing right back to its source. It's like I'm holding a torch in my hand, like a super-fast, super-lit, superhero (at least, that's what I tell my four-year-old. Others are inclined to just see it for what it is - a 30-something-year-old running super fast with a funny-looking glow emitting from her hand. I prefer the superhero description).


  • My water remains just how I like it - cooler over the course of the run thanks to the double-wall insulation - and in the Flask until I need it, at which time I just give the Flask a squeeze and thanks to the high-flow, one-way valve Race Cap, I get a quick burst of water to keep my whistle wet, my body hydrated, and my muscles cramp-free. Awesome, right?

So what say you, runners? What product is your peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich? Ready to try this one out? Do you like to envision you're a superhero when you're hauling it on the road or trail (tell me it's just not me)?

If you want to get your superhero on and /or are ready to dive in to something truly delicious, find our new SpeedDraw Plus Insulated today at your local run specialty store. They won't judge you - promise! - if you ask to take a picture of the handheld (seriously, it glows!).

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