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Nathan Employee Maggie Guterl - Go Big Or Go Home!

March 11, 2019 1 min read

Deep Thoughts with Ultra Runner - and Nathan employee - Maggie Guterl

There are a handful of super-impressive running resumes among employees here at Nathan, and Maggie Guterl might just have hers on the top of the stack. Her list of career accolades is as long as it is impressive. The highlight no doubt is her fantastic finishing distance at the 2015 IUA 24 Hour World Championships, where she logged an unbelievable 146.5 miles, helping lead Team USA to a first place finish, and earning a 4th place individual medal for herself! That's not a typo - 146.5 miles in 24 hours! And she works right here with us, each and every day.

Though she's known for her humility and self-depricating sense of humor, she has an extremely competitive side, fueled by a fierce inner desire to run farther, faster, and to win! This part of her demeanor - along with inspirational, motivational, and humorous anectdotes - shine bright throughout the course of her interview for the DizRuns Podcast, available at the link below, and on iTunes.

There are some insightful nuggets for those training for thier first half or full marathon, and if you have ever thought of bumping up your mileage beyond 26.2, this is a must-listen!

Maggie Guterl DizRuns Podcast

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