Our first winner is Charissa Garcia. When we posted the photo contest a little over a week ago, we asked that you send photos of yourselves donning your NATHAN gear amidst interesting scenery while on a run. And you did ... along with unparalleled enthusiasm! We are truly grateful for your creative entries and the flood of comments about how much you all love your NATHAN gear. We are happy to know it has proved a trustworthy sidekick for your many adventures. And so, herewith our first of three winning photos from this year's contest coupled with an interview (we will post one interview a day along with the accompanying winning photo for the next three days):Photo Title: Running with my Boyfriend, the Nathan Intensity Hydration Vest (Shhhh, don't tell my husband!)Winner Charissa Garcia of Aptos, California, is pictured above in her award-winning shot while running the Dirt Inspires Trail Half Marathon in Fort Ord, California, this past August. About the snap and the race, says Garcia, "My Nathan Intensity Hydration Vest was perfect, he did not fail to fulfill my fueling and hydration needs! At this point in the race, I was taking a walk break and enjoying the amazing vistas nature was so generously providing for me. I took many other photos during the race, my long time running mentor, Evelyn Seth, snapped this one for me for which I am grateful."¬ùNATHAN SPORTS: Why is hydration an integral part of your running experience?Charissa: Hydration = Healthy running. You wouldn't drive your car without any oil would you?NS: What inspires you to run?C: When I go out and run, I can go anywhere my mind and body can take me. I love this idea and this can keep me going for hours.NS: What is your favorite post-run meal?C: There's this local Burger place in Aptos called, simply, Burger. I LOVE their pork belly sliders paired with a strawberry banana milkshake. Mind you, this is usually after a long slow run in Nisene Marks [her favorite training ground]. It's perfect since it's located right next to the park.NS: Why do you wear Nathan products?C: I LOVE my Nathan Hydration Vest. The ironic thing is that it was my husband who kept badgering me to buy one. Finally, I did, and I have not looked back since. My Nathan Intensity Hydration Vest has become my partner on my long distance trail runs. My husband runs way faster than me, he's always ahead on the trails. I think it's quite appropriate that I have nicknamed my Nathan vest my "boyfriend."¬ù He keeps me company and never leaves me behind. Not only that, but he also allows me the freedom I have always wanted: that is, from a handheld or a waist pack.NS: Your favorite part of your Nathan running vest?C: I love the zipper pocket on the front left side, perfect for my mobile phone so I have it on hand to easily snap runfies (selfies on the run) with friends.NS: Congratulations, Charissa, on your spectacular photo! And, thanks for participating in the NATHAN SPORTS Photo Contest!

And now, stay tuned for the photo and interview from our next winner, Mariska Mackenzie-Heyboer, that will go live tomorrow!

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