Perseid Meteor Shower


The annual Perseid meteor shower has become popular because it occurs early in the month of August, during some of the warmest nights of the year. Though the nights are warm, they are often a nice break from the heat of the dog days of summer.

This year the peak of the shower will be August 11, 12, and 13th 2020. Though there will be a considerable moon, the Perseids tend to be quite bright and can overcome the moon glare. That being said, for optimal viewing it is best to be above or away from clouds or smog – something like a mountain summit and it helps to remove yourself from the light pollution of highly populated areas.  

For runners, this means, run to a summit on a trail and enjoy the meteor shower with friends!  

You can ask Siri or do a quick Google search for the sunrise/sunset times near you, but also consider the moonrise and moonset. It’s best to catch the night sky without the moon if you are looking to enjoy the light show!  

So, grab a friend, grab a headlamp or two, lots of water, and find a peak nearby! This is a great way to get a workout and see some of nature's best fireworks!

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For more information on the Perseid Meteor Shower check out this website

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