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Gym Bag Odor Eliminator



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Run Fast, RunFresh. Say goodbye to your stinky gym bag. Throw one of these in your bag and keep your bag from stinking.

  • KEEP IT FRESH – Mosa bamboo charcoal naturally absorbs odor. It does NOT cover the smell, it actually removes it! How does it do that? Read below
  • HOW IT WORKS – Mosa Bamboo charcoal has millions of pores that work together to act like a sponge. As air passes through the pouch, the bamboo charcoal that has a light ionic charge attracts particles. This ionic charge traps odors, pollutants and moisture.
  • ALL NATURAL– No fragrance, no chemical and non-toxic which makes it children safe and pet friendly. It’s a different bamboo than the one Panda’s eat, so we’re not harming them either!
  • RECHARGE IN THE SUN – At Nathan, we love being environmentally friendly. Use and reuse these odor eliminators by simply laying them outside, sunny or not. The UV rays will rejuvenate the odor fighting particles (need to recharge once a month).
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