Our Best Running Hydration Vests & Packs

Hydration packs and vests are essential items to have when you are doing outdoor activities like trail running, hiking, mountain biking, and just about any other activity that requires you to be on the move and stay hydrated.

A hydration vest might be the option for you when you are doing long runs that require you to minimize your baggage weight. Race vests sit closer to you so that there is minimum movement from the pack as well as the liquid that's stored in your hydration bladder. Race vests provide maximum comfort for your activity, but will slightly limit your capacity.

Moving over to hydration packs, we carry a wide selection of the best hydration packs in the industry. Hydration packs tend to have more available space in the 'backpack' section of the pack. Ranging from 4L to 12L carrying capacity, you can find a hydration pack to fit your style and comfort. Hydration packs are best suited for activities that require you to bring along extra items like clothing and energizing snacks. The straps on our packs have slots to attach running lights, store your keys or phone and typically they include water bottle holders as well.

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