Camille Herron

Camille is establishing herself as one of the fastest female ultrarunners ever on all surfaces. Already an international star, her speed, versatility, toughness, and knack for winning are certain to make her a legend.

Growing up as a basketball player and all-around athlete, she discovered from the first day of track season in Jr. High she could run non-stop without getting tired. After earning multiple State titles and All-State honors in HS, she went on to run briefly in college at The Univ. of Tulsa. She met her husband in college and helped him with his marathon career, including qualifying for the 2004 Olympic Marathon Trials. One day in 2004 he realized she was running longer than him. He started coaching her, and her running career took off from there.

Starting her career as a marathoner, she is a three-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier (personal best of 2:37:14), 20 time marathon winner, Guinness World Record holder for racing in a Superhero costume, and currently aiming to become the first woman to win a marathon in all 50 US States. In 2015 she burst into the ultrarunning world by winning the US 100K National Championship at Mad City in 7:26:24, her debut at the distance. In the fall, she won two World titles (50K and 100K) and ran the 4th fastest 100K ever (7:08:35). In October 2015 she set a new “World Road Best” for 50 Miles at the Fall 50/US 50 Mile Road Championship running a time of 5:38:41.

In 2016 she transitioned to trail running, finishing in 4th place (7:30) at Lake Sonoma 50, 1st at the White River 50 with the 2nd fastest time ever (7:36), and won the Ultra Race of Champions 100K with a 27 min. Course Record (9:36:05).

When I’m not training or competing, I love to: Brew beer, sleep, and chill with my husband and dog.

A good title for my autobiography would be: Born to Run, Trained to Win

My favorite moment or achievement to date is: Winning the 2015 100K World Championship. My first two ultras didn’t go as expected– I wanted to give the ultras one more shot the past year. This was my chance to redeem myself and not only did I win, but I helped lead our women’s team to the surprise gold. Being able to share the victory with others is what made this moment so great!

The toughest moment I’ve ever experienced in a race is: Running ill/with a fever at Comrades in 2014 and collapsing at 83K, with 6K to go. I basically knocked myself out and ended up in the ER in Durban. I had no idea who I was and where I was! It was actually quite frightening, and I remember telling the nurse I thought I was dying! I got Road ID after this race, to remind myself of how close to death I got, how humbled I was by the experience, and how much I want to redeem myself this year at Comrade.

I live in Oklahoma City because: I’m born and raised in Oklahoma. Being close to family, friends, and the things we love are what floats my boat!

One thing I hope to achieve this year is: Win them all. Continue to be a giving, compassionate, happy, positive, confident, good-humoured person. I’ve always loved giving back through service and leadership, working with others to elevate the sport, and empowering people to transcend in life and sports.

The events on my bucket list are: Tarawera 100K, Comrades, Western States, UTMB, Templiers, and The North Face 50

My pre-race superstition is: The same meal the night before– Subway 6 inch tuna on whole wheat, 2 chocolate chip cookies, and root beer. They actually didn’t have a nearby Subway shop in Qatar at the World 50K, so I had to settle for a burger and fries– this was tasty and totally hit the spot too!

Nathan helps me run stronger and run longer by: A variety of ways to comfortably and confidently carry fuel, fluids, and personal items, day or night. Stepping up from elite marathoning to ultras the past year, it’s been a HUGE realization that, “Hey, I feel like I can go longer, faster, and feel better by carrying fluids/fuel, and eating/drinking more!” I’ve been opened up to a whole new world with all the Nathan products, the amount of thought and innovation that goes into the design, and how comfortable everything is. I feel like I truly can push the limits now on how long and how fast I can go because I have the gear and essentials to do it!

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