David Roche

David is running coach and public interest environmental attorney whose hardest job is trying to keep up with his wife Megan.


“When I moved to NC for graduate school, a friend told me I had to meet this crazy girl that was also at Duke. Now, the friend that made the suggestion is the ultimate in crazy—a smoke-jumping archaeologist with stories of doing mushrooms with native tribes in Arizona. So I was skeptical, as was the girl I was supposed to meet, and we both kept putting it off, canceling on each other multiple times. Then, we met for ice cream, closed the place down, and knew we met our adventure partner for life. We both weren’t serious runners then, but our second date was a trail run. Megan and I discovered trails and true love at about the same time, to the point that it’s sometimes hard to tell those two things apart.”


When I’m not training or competing, I love to: Hang out with Megan and Addie dog


 Something that very few people know about me is:  I am the world’s most inept dancer


 A good title for my autobiography would be:  SNARF: Trying to live like a puppy, even when people don’t like dogs


 My favorite moment or achievement to date is:  Proposing to Megan on a trail run in Marin


 The toughest moment I’ve ever experienced in a race is:   Too many to count! I try to smile extra hard when that happens


 I live in Sunnyvale, CA  because:   The tallest mountain in the area is only 6 miles from a Trader Joe’s


 One thing I hope to achieve this year is:   Lose lots of races badly, because that will mean I am taking risks


 The event on my bucket list is:   Lake Sonoma 50


My pre-race superstition is:  Get a good song stuck in my head for the race


Nathan helps me run stronger and run longer by:   I always had major issues staying hydrated before I discovered Nathan, and my race results have gotten much better with my trusty handheld

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