James Lawrence

James is also a professional speaker:  Experience first hand the remarkable journey of James Lawrence and his family.  Repeatedly mocked for choosing a goal so big, Lawrence takes on the challenge of doing 50 Ironman races, in 50 consecutive days, through all 50 US States.  His journey will make you laugh, cry and possibly squirm in your seats in disbelief.  Lawrence shares with you the ups, the downs and the life lessons learned along the way.  His story resonates with all, young and old.  You won’t want to miss this tale of adventure as they ‘Redefine Impossible.’


“I am a husband. I am a proud father of four daughters and one son. I am an athlete.  I compete in endurance races and Ironman Triathlons. I’ve held two Guinness World Records in 70.3 and 140.6 triathlon racing, but this did not satisfy me.  I dominated the 2012 World Record, smashing it by 10 races, winning 2 titles and placing 2nd in five others. My mind and body actually gained strength as I progressed through the 30 races in 11 different countries. I knew my limits were not reached in 2012 and wanted to test the true limits of my mind and body.  I wanted the people of the United States and people around the world to join me in an effort to raise money for childhood obesity and empower people to take control of their own lives.  To face fear and do their own really hard things.  Nearing the conclusion of my 2012 Guinness World Record I knew there was more.  I knew I had unfinished business.

“What was next?” I thought, the seemingly impossible…. 50 Full Distance Courses, 50 Consecutive days, through all 50 States.  I’d cover 140.6 miles each and every day, for 50 consecutive days.  A 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bike ride and then finishing up by covering 26.2 more miles, which is the marathon.

I tested my mind and body beyond what anyone thought was possible.  I invited the entire United States to join me, my family, and our team as we raced across the country. People joined us for every portion of the journey, and I was never alone.”



When I’m not training or competing, I love to: Play with my kids, spend time with my wife and golf with friends.


 Something that very few people know about me is: I grew up loving hockey (Calgary Flames) and followed WWE wrestling religiously.


 A good title for my autobiography would be: Redefine Impossible… a book you can buy now


 My favorite moment or achievement to date is: convincing Sunny to be my bride.  I married way up!


 The toughest moment I’ve ever experienced in a race is:  I’ve had many experiences, extreme highs and lows.  I would have to say races 17-18 of the 50.  Falling asleep on my bike and crashing at mile 30 of Ironman #18 of 50.  The decision to get back on my bike, finish the 82 miles and run the marathon that night was mentally and physically taxing, beyond words can describe.


 I live in Utah Valley  because: it’s the best training grounds in the world.  I can train here and be confident about any race site.  I love that I get to call Utah my home.


 One thing I hope to achieve this year is: I’d like to reach the mountain tops of the four toughest Iron distance races in the world.  Celtman, Swissman, Alaskaman and Norseman – Bring it!


 The event on my bucket list is: Norseman!


My pre-race superstition is: I don’t have any.  I try to do something new each race


Nathan helps me run stronger and run longer by: keeping me lite up.  It is scary out there and I need to be seen.

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