Kyle Robidoux

53Kyle grew up in Maine with a fond appreciation for the outdoors and being active. He played soccer, football, baseball, and started skiing with his family at age 11. He took a “break” from college to ski every day at Sunday River Mtn and since then he has been dreaming of big mountain skiing and now running. At age 11 Kyle was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease which has left him legally blind. As his vision loss increased in his mid-20s his level of activity decreased. In 2010, with some serious health/weight issues and concerned that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with his then 2-yo daughter, Kyle began to walk then run. He quickly fell in love with the renewed independence of running and took off from there.

Kyle started with marathons and enjoyed the distance. But he was yearning for more of a mental and physical challenge and something new for his training. So he signed up for a 12-hour race and recruited a team of four sighted guides to run with him. The experience was everything Kyle was looking for and he committed to running more ultras. He also began to get into trail running which presented its own set of exciting challenges for Kyle and his guides.

Kyle has run close to 15 marathons and a half dozen ultras including a recent 5th place finish at the Ghost Train 60-mile race in New Hampshire. There are few things he enjoys more than going out for a meandering long run in the woods or through the city streets of Boston. Through the support of sighted guides, Kyle has also fallen back in love with alpine skiing and began ski racing in 2015. Although he truly enjoys the rush of downhill skiing, he can see himself talked into Nordic skiing in the very near future.

Kyle lives in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston with his wife and daughter. He has spent his entire professional career working for non-profits mostly focused on community organizing, leadership development, and affordable housing. As part of his current work, he trains sighted guides to run with athletes who are blind/visually impaired.

When I’m not training or competing, I love to: Hike, ski, enjoy good local beer with friends, and hangout with my family.

Something that very few people know about me is: For my 12th birthday I picked my own middle name. I chose Roger, after my favorite Red Sox pitcher.

A good title for my autobiography would be: Never Lose Sight: Always Continue to Move Forward

My favorite moment or achievement to date is: Finishing my first 100k. I promised my daughter I would finish the distance regardless of time. It was a super technical course so it took me 25.5 hours but I got it done!

The toughest moment I’ve ever experienced in a race is: So many tough moments….Isn’t this why we push our mind and body!?

I live in Boston becauseit has quality public transportation, good schools, strong and vibrant neighborhoods, and a world-class running community. And it is close to the mountains and ocean.

One thing I hope to achieve over the next year is: Run my first 100 mile race (planning on Vermont 100 in July).

The events on my bucket list are: 

  • Ski in the back country in waist deep, fluffy powder
  • Hike the Grand Canyon with my family
  • A big mountain ultra

My pre-race ritual is:  Two bananas and a PB&J sandwich with chia seeds. I also obsessively tie and retie my shoes at the start line.

My “go-to” Nathan product is:  NATHAN HPL 2 Pack. So comfortable, durable, and light. I could (and may have) sleep with this on.

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