Maggie Guterl


Hometown: West Chester, PA
Go-to-gear: VaporMag
  • 2016: Brazos Bend 100 Miler, 1st overall, 14:47, overall course record
  • 2016: Franklin Mountain 50k, 1st place
  • 2016: Western State Endurance Run, 8th place, 20:50
  • 2016: Georgia Death Race,  2nd place
  • 2015: Oil Creek 100 Mile, 1st place, 21:04
  • 2015: IAU 24 Hour World Championships, 4th place individual, 146.5 miles, Team GOLD
  • 2014: NJ One Day 24 Hour, 1st overall, 142 miles

I dabbled in running off and on my whole life but was never all that serious.  In 2009, I decided it was time to run my first marathon.  As I approached the finish that fateful day in November at the Philadelphia Marathon, I thought to myself, “One and done." I crossed the finish line in a respectable 3:30 and after I got home, went online to find my next marathon.  Six years and 80+ marathons/ultras later, it has really gotten out of control.

Running has opened doors and shown me places I never even dreamed of going. If it intrigues me I will go for it. From running around in loops for a day to trekking through the night on some remote trail, no challenge is off the table. I love racing but even more I love the training, exploring new places and just being outside.

I will not be able to compete forever but I hope to continue to run, trek or move outdoors until the day that I die.

My favorite distance is:  100 Miles

My best running partner is: My dog Titus

When I’m not training or competing, I love to:   camp, watch movies, go on road trips or throw a tennis ball for Titus, who has won numerous doggy 5ks.

Something that very few people know about me is: I went to art school and when I was in 4th grade, my best friend was a guinea pig named Ralph.

A good title for my autobiography would be:  Moderation...Just kidding. That would be a terrible title!

My favorite moment or achievement to date is:  Running 146.5 miles at the 2015 IAU 24 Hour World Championships. I placed 4th individually and helped secure the gold medal for the USA Women's Team. It didn't go as I planned that day but I fought hard the entire 24 hours for every single meter I ran. How can you not when you are wearing the "USA" across your chest?

The toughest moment I’ve ever experienced in a race is:  Honestly, there have been so many. It's hard to rank the toughest. If I have to choose I would say death marching for 9 hours to finish the last 25 miles of my first trail 100 Miler.

I live in Glen Mills, PA because:  Circumstance and it is close to the local trails that I love to run.

Things you might find in my NATHAN pack: Burt's Bees chapstick, snacks like Uncrustables, Betty Lou's Gluten Free Fruit Bars, Muir Energy and  Endurance tap, a map, a water filter and a GPS Spot Tracker (if there is no cell service where I am going)

Why NATHAN: NATHAN has an appropriate hydration vest or bottle for any type of run, for any distance or even just for hanging out, traveling or working. Since I prefer to run long, I am big on vests.  The hydration vests are not only comfortable but they are also functional and versatile.  NATHAN has also kept me gainfully employed for 3 years, as I am the full time Nathan Marketing Specialist.

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