Orders & Shipping
Can I order over the phone?

Nathan does not take consumer orders over the phone at this time. Place your order via our secure website, or by using our store finder on the homepage.

When does my order ship?

All orders for in-stock products are shipped out of the Nathan warehouse within 1-3 business days.

The product I want to order is out of stock. When will it be available?

Contact Customer Service (800.237.8254) for the next available ship date, or a suggestion of a comparable item.

Can I add something to an existing order?

Once you submit your order, you cannot add any new items. If you need more gear, please place a new order.

How do I get free shipping for my order?

Your order ships for free if the order total is greater than $40 (before taxes and shipping costs). Such orders will be shipped with standard ground delivery. Free shipping is only available for orders shipped within the continental United States.

How do I wash my No Matter What Gear™?

All No Matter What Gear™ is washable. Please follow the below care instructions:

  1. If applicable, remove the LIGHTWAVE™ technology LED strip and battery unit.
  2. Hand-wash (Penguin Sport-Wash recommended) in cold water. Hang dry.
  3. Once dry, replace LIGHTWAVE™ technology LED strip and battery unit.
How do I activate the LIGHTWAVE™ technology?

Find the battery unit located on the No Matter What Gear™. Pull the tab labeled "Remove" from the unit. Find the power symbol on the reverse side of the battery unit pocket. Click the power symbol on the outside of the No Matter What Gear™ until the desired setting is active. Remember to turn off the LIGHTWAVE™ Technology when not in use to maximize battery life.

How many light settings are there in the LIGHTWAVE™ technology?

There are three light settings – Fast Blink, Steady Blink, and Steady On - all activated by clicking the battery unit located within the No Matter What Gear™.

How do I remove and replace the LIGHTWAVE™ technology LED strip and battery unit?

Untuck the battery unit from its pocket. There are two LED strips attached to the battery unit – a front-placed white LED unit, and a rear-placed red LED unit. Gently feed the white LED unit through the channel until you see it come through to the pocket. Do the same for the red LED unit. To replace, gently feed each unit back through the channels, using the mesh as a guide for placement. Be careful not to feed the LED units through the mesh, as it could tear. Once the LED units are in place, replace the battery unit and any excess wire into the pocket.

What type of batteries do I need?

LIGHTWAVE™ technology in the HeadGasket and DomeLite is powered by two lithium CR2430 coin batteries. LIGHTWAVE™ technology in the SpeedShift and TransWarmer is powered by two lithium CR2016 coin batteries.

Where can I find replaceable batteries?

 CR2430 or CR2016 coin batteries can be found at most supermarkets, convenience stores, and hardware stores. Nathan also offers a first-time replacement battery program for early users of No Matter What Gear™.

How do I replace the battery?

Remove the silicone-encased battery unit from its pocket. Gently pull the silicone top out of the unit. Gently spread the silicone sides apart, and remove the battery. Remove the two coin batteries from the open side, and replace with two new coin batteries. Reverse instructions above to put battery unit back in its silicone casing.

How long is the LIGHTWAVE™ battery life?

The battery life has been tested for use up to 15 hours.

Why do the white lights stop lighting up before the red lights?

The white LED lights require more energy to power, and therefore require more power from the batteries than the red LED lights do.

Is No Matter What Gear™ weather- or water-resistant?

The TransWarmer Mitt is the only No Matter What Gear™ item that is water-resistant.

What is the visibility range of No Matter What Gear™?

Visibility distance of the user when wearing No Matter What Gear™ is optimal in full darkness and clear weather conditions. Active visibility of the user varies for the front and back LED lights: up to 1300 feet for the back red LED lights, and up to 1900 feet for the front white LED lights. Regarding passive, ambient lighting of the LEDs for the user to see objects around them, the LightWave™ technology in both the DomeLite and HeadGasket provide about up to two feet of lighting, while the Lightwave™ technology in the SpeedShift and TransWarmer provide up to 6 inches of lighting.

How durable are the LED lights?

 The LED lights can sustain 360-degree bending at room temperature.

How wind-resistant is the mitten on the TransWarmer?

The mitten shell is highly wind-resistant with little to no air permeability. The rest of the back of hand material is very similar.

Where can I get more information on No Matter What Gear™?

For an overview of the series, click here. For general tips and information about running safe at night, click here. Visit Nathan's YouTube channel for videos on safe running.

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