NATHAN K9 Series Runner's Waistpack with Leash - Pack & Leash

K9 Series Runner's Waistpack with Leash

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Style: NS8511


Need a simple solution for running with man's best friend? We have you covered with a hands free way to run with your dog that will keep them at your side and not tangled under your feet. Simply clip in to the guideline on the pack and the leash will slide side to side as your dog changes sides. The leash, with handles at both ends allow you to control your dog if they start to pull and help encourage them to become your side by side running mate.

It's time to rough and tumble with your favorite running partner, your dog. With this easy adjustable waistbelt, you can feel secure that your dog is secured to you. In our See and Be-Seen series this leash/waistbelt will help you and your pet be seen while you are on the road.

The leash comes with handles at both ends giving you options for controlling your pup. With the feedback system that pulls back when they pull, can keep your dog at your side. Once clipped on, the leash will glide slide side-to-side as your dog runs.

  • Adjustable waistpack designed to hug your figure
  • Storage for running & doggy essentials
  • Secure once your dog is clipped onto the leash
  • Hands free Once clipped on, the leash,
  • Leash with handles at both ends allows control of your dog
  • Reflective leash/waist pack so you can be seen on the road
  • Designed to be coupled with any hydrations, packs or more
  • 80% Nylon 20% Polyester
  • Weight: 10oz/ 283g

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