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SaferRun SpeedView 18oz Insulated Flask



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SaferRun Alarm SpeedView Handheld Product Header

Keep fluids cooler, longer, while easily managing your phone, apps, and music with this versatile smartphone carrier and insulated flask combination. PLUS specialized storage to hold and access the new Ripcord Siren. Positioned for easy access in case of emergency.

  • HANDHELD BOTTLE: No need to grip on to your bottle thanks to the hand sleeve. Relax your hand and the SpeedView will not fall off. Includes a see-thru touchscreen pocket to store your phone, keys and the included rip-chord alarm.
  • HYDRATION, STORAGE & SAFETY: Our double-wall insulated, Hi-Viz 18oz/535 mL SpeedView has been one of Nathan’s top hydration bottles, so we revamped it to accommodate the SaferRun RipCord Personal Alarm. It also features headphone access at the bottom.
  • INCLUDES OUR AWARD WINNING SAFERRUN RIPCORD SIREN FOR SAFETY & SECURITY -You will be able to hear our SaferRun siren up to 600ft away. As loud as an ambulance siren (120 dB). An attacker’s worst enemy is attention! Ideal for runs, walks, on campus, hikes or just cruising the city.


1. Attach

Attach to any article of clothing or gear before your run.

2. Pull to activate

Pull if you feel uncomfortable or in case of emergency to alert others of your distress. 

3. Push to Silence

Turn off and use again if needed.

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