SaferRun Waist Pack

SaferRun Waist Pack

$11.25 $45.00
$11.25 $45.00
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It's just as easy as putting on a seatbelt – and just as safe. This one size fits most SaferRun WaistPak is bounce free and includes the Ripcord Siren to keep you alert and safe while you are on your run. With the interior phone storage compartment that flips out for easy visibility and access to your smart phone, you can track your miles, calories, messages and even change your music with ease.

Beyond that, we are have a variety of core products with designated storage for the SaferRun Ripcord Siren (Waist Pack, Phone Carrier, Arm Sleeve, & Strobe Light).

The one size fits most waistpak is perfect for a smooth run with the adjustable belt and no bounce feature.

Plan ahead for any emergency with the SaferRun Ripcord Siren Personal Alarm with a quick pull tab for an easy one-handed use. Located on the SaferRun waistpak, this 120dB alarm is as loud as an ambulance siren and audible from over 600ft.


    • Adjustable belt to store your phone and other goods 
    • No bounce ride 
    • Interior phone compartment flips out for easy access 
    • Fits most large format smartphones 
    • Award winning SaferRun Ripcord Siren 
    • Quick-Pull tab for easy one-handed use 
    • +120 dB - As loud as an ambulance and audible from over 600ft   
    • Reusable - you can test and try it to learn how to use it  
    • Attach to any article of clothing or gear before your run 
    • Pull to activate if you feel uncomfortable or in case of emergency to alert others of your distress 
    • Turn off and use again if needed 
    • 95% Nylon, 5% Polyester (waistpak) 
    • 95% ABS, 5% TPU (alarm)