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November 14, 2022

By: Nathan Staff
Published: 11/14/22


We settled on a long list of gear that could take your training to the next level, no matter your preferred path. If you run at night for stress relief, we have the equipment that lets you run safely and comfortably. If you’re like us and think treadmills are boring and sidewalks are too crowded, you prefer hitting the trails. We have the gear to keep you warm, protected, and hydrated no matter how far you go. Any good athlete will plan their course and tweak their training to maximize their efforts. A great athlete knows that proper planning includes exceptional gear. Find everything you need below.



Neutron Fire Runners' Headlamp - Explore more with hands-free illumination. 


Summit Polarized Running Sunglasses - Reduce glare and improve comfort and visibility. 


Terra Fire 300 R Hand Torch - The running essential you’ve been missing with up to 40 hours of light. 


Men’s Dash Long Sleeve Tee | Women’s Dash Long Sleeve Tee - Lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable on any trail. 


Women's Interval Crop Top - With the perfect amount of compression, wear it over your favorite sports bra when running. 


Men's Front Runner Shorts | Women's Front Runner Shorts 2.0 - We’ve lightened your load so you can hit those miles at a record pace. 


VaporAir 2.0 7 Liter Hydration Pack | VaporAiress Lite 4 Liter Women's Hydration Vest - The hydration vest that packs a punch with seven pockets and reflective hits for 360-degree visibility.  


Reflective Quick Stash Run Hat - More than just a hat with cool reflective graphics, stash your essentials in hidden pockets on each side. 


Speed Tab Low Cut Socks - Padded heels and toes made with anti-blister yarns along with arch compression for support mile after mile. 



Summit Polarized Running Sunglasses - Designed to endure the toughest tasks or trails with ultimate impact protection. 


Streak Reflective Vest - Ultra-lightweight with a sleek design that won’t interrupt arm swing and 360-degree reflectivity. 


HyperNight Reflective Beanie - An all-over reflective graphic detailing gives you an additional reflective flair for any transitional day-to-night run. 


Men's Tempo Quarter Zip Long Sleeve Shirt 2.0 | Women's Tempo Quarter Zip Long Sleeve Shirt 2.0 - A great mid-layer top that is designed for pre/post workouts and cooler days.


Women's Qualifier Tank | Men's Qualifier Tank - Designed for performance with strategically placed side panels and flatlock seams that don’t rub or chafe. 


Women's Interval Running Tights | Men's Essential 9" Shorts 2.0 - Designed to endure the toughest tasks or trails with ultimate impact protection. 


ExoDraw 2.0 18oz Handheld - Slosh-free, ultra-efficient, and super comfortable soft flask feature a small stash pocket to carry your key.  

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