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Expert Layering

Expert Layering

You can't predict the weather, but you can plan for it with smart layering options. Forget the days when bulky dressing made your trek even longer and more unbearable.
Pro Tips for the Boston Marathon

Pro Tips for the Boston Marathon

Participating in the Boston Marathon? Check out professional tips for the Boston Marathon by Nathan Athlete and marathoner and ultra-marathoner, Mike Wardian.
The Importance of Hydration in Physical Activity

The Importance of Hydration in Physical Activity

Staying hydrated every day is important, but staying hydrated during physical activity can reduce injury while improving your performance. Find out how else proper hydration will benefit you.
Top 5 Running Must Haves

Top 5 Running Must Haves

Here's our list of top 5 items that every runner needs to be at the top of their game. Stay ahead of the game and be prepared for your next running adventure!
A pair of runners wearing Nathan Sports running jackets.

The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Running Jacket

Weather can be a runner's number one enemy. In fact, there is key science that says running in the cold is actually more difficult. But with the right gear, you can run in the hot or cold, rain or shine.
Adventure Sports Therapy

Off The Beaten Path: Finding Sobriety in Adventure Sports Therapy

Adventure sports have endless benefits, including physical wellness and mental health betterment. For some, staying fit—of mind and body—is a primary goal. For others, riding waves, jumping from planes, and long-haul trekking are invaluable methods of maintaining spiritual and physical sobriety.
Setting the Women's Supported FKT on the Pinhoti Trail

Setting the Women's Supported FKT on the Pinhoti Trail

"Is this truly your limit? Can you really not take one step further?" I asked these questions in my head as I fumbled along the Pinhoti Trail in the middle of another long, dark night. "No" the response came almost immediately, "this isn’t the end". When taking on a journey of 350 miles and 50,000ft of elevation, there is almost no question there will be moments of doubt and uncertainty.
A pair of runners in cold weather gear.

The Best Cold Weather Running Gear

Running in the winter requires discipline that some of us may never know, but for those brave souls that can make it out there when the road calls, despite the weather, the dark, or the cold – it’s important you gear up with proper cold weather gear.
Group running at night with safety gear.

Top 5 Benefits of Running at Night

While it may not be the easiest thing to get up and go outside for a nighttime run, research shows that running at night can have a significant and positive impact on your health. So rather than spending every night hoping you’ll wake up the next day a morning person - it’s time to ditch the morning run desires and embrace night as the time to run.
Nathan Celebrates National Pasta Day  - Detail Shot of Pasta - Ideal for Carb Loading-Prepping for Marathons

Nathan Celebrates National Pasta Day

There is a national day for everything, and pasta is no exception.  While we may not be as enthusiastic about some national days here at Nathan, i.e. National Bagpipe Appreciation Day (not that we don't appreciate bagpipes); Pasta is something most runners can get into. 
Nathan Pinnacle 12L

New Pinnacle 12L Hydration Vest Earns REI Co-op Editors’ Choice Award

We are thrilled to announce that our latest innovation in hydration vest technology, the Pinnacle 12L, has earned the REI Co-op Editors’ Choice Award. These awards honor the top-performing gear carried by the retailer, and our new Pinnacle vest struck testers with its ingenious storage design and lightweight materials.
Alastair Dixon with a Nathan Hydration Pack

Why True Running Gear is Critical on the Trails

To train hard and smart, your running gear needs to stand up to the challenges you throw at it and not hold you back in pursuit of your goals. In particular, what you wear, how you protect yourself from the elements and how to carry water efficiently are essential. Here are 3 tips for choosing the right running gear for trails.
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