Marathon Hydration Vest Ban: You'Ve Still Got Options!

July 05, 2016

Posted by Ellen Donahue

As some of you can imagine, the NATHAN team was a little bummed to hear that the use of hydration vests on-course has been banned at both the New York City and Marine Corps marathons.

Having been first-hand witnesses earlier at Boston this year, our team fully understands the need to protect runners and we empathize with the decisions that race officials and law enforcement must make in order to do so. One can only imagine the logistics and coordination involved in managing the safety of tens of thousands of people.

We're sure more than a few runners are scrambling to find alternative ways to hydrate, fuel, and carry essentials along the 26.2-mile course. Fortunately, NATHAN offers multiple ways for runners to stay hydrated for any distance. It comes down to a simple matter of preference - do you like to carry or wear your water - and how much storage you need. Let's review!

Trail Mix Hydration Belt

A limited-stretch, adjustable belt ensures the two 10 oz. easy-squeeze Flasks remain bounce-free, and fits snugly but not too tight as to cause discomfort around your waist. Our updated Push-Pull caps are soft on the lips for easy sipping, and a spacious zippered pocket - with an outside Velcro-closure pocket - provide room for phones, gels, inhalers, cash, ID, and more. Available in a four bottle belt option as well, which provides 40 ounces of fluid capacity.

QuickDraw Plus Handheld

Wearing belts not your thing? Try our 22 oz. handheld, the best-selling QuickDraw Plus. Our easy-squeeze bottle with our soft-sip Push-Pull Cap comes with an adjustable handstrap. The thumbhole on the strap allows for grip-free running and reduces tension and fatigue in your hand so you can continue focusing on putting one foot in front of the other. A roomy, zippered pocket provides space for your smartphone, gels, cash, inhaler, and other race extras. Never held one before? No worries! Check out our tutorial.

QuickShot Plus Insulated Handheld

Keep fluids cooler longer with our first-ever insulated handheld. Our 10 oz. QuickShot Plus Insulated is double-walled, meaning that cold water stays colder about 20 percent longer than other insulated bottles. Our Race Cap offers quick bursts of fluid, and a zippered pocket fits about 6 gels. Carry two - like trail runners tend to do with handhelds - and stock up on more fluid. Best yet? You can use this after your marathon and into the cold, dark nights of winter thanks to the Flask's 360-degree reflectivity.

Gel Pak and Phantom Pak

Need some extra storage? Consider our Gel Pak or Phantom Pak. Both offer zippered compartments for phones, nutrition, cash, and more. Our Gel Pak provides more cargo space, while our Phantom Pak maintains a minimal profile thanks to its sleek, expandable, Power-Stretch Mesh pocket.

The good news about all of these products is that there's still time to incorporate into your training plan, and they can be found at your local running retailer.

No matter what option you choose, we reiterate our belief that proper hydration - both during training and racing - is paramount to performing better, recovering faster, and avoiding injuries. As our industry works collectively to ensure marathon safety, let's hope that decisions can be made that increase security while not decreasing the ability of runners to perform safely and properly.


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