Nathan Sports Films Athlete In The French Alps

March 11, 2019

Michael Wardian to star in upcoming NATHAN SPORTS video

In late August, with Europe's iconic Mont Blanc Massif filling the blue-sky background, film team Ashley Arnold and Austin Lottimer trailed NATHAN SPORTS ultraruning athlete Mike Wardian with cameras. We're using the material for a video we're posting later this fall about Wardian, the sport of ultrarunning and, of course, NATHAN SPORTS Hydration. So, stay tuned for some brand new tralrunning fodder! ! In the meantime, here's a bit of eye candy from the shoot:

Wardian gazes down the trail at the beginning of the shoot as Lottimer grabs a few detail shots.

360-degree views and a perfect day above the Chamonix Valley.


Wardian picks his way along the rocky trail to run away from the camera and out of the frame.

"Ultrarunning to me is a chance to push myself to the absolute limits and see what is possible. Ultrarunning strips away a lot of the unnecessary and allows us to true live life on a primal level."¬ù - Michael Wardian, 2014


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