To Blog Or Not To Blog...

July 05, 2016

As we launched our new website, we debated whether or not to add a blog. It was an interesting conversation. Those of you who blog know what a commitment of time and energy it can be. We asked ourselves:

  • If we add development of a blog to our to-do list, would it cut back on the already limited-time we have to go out and run?
  • Do we have anything new or interesting to say that isn't already out there?
  • What do people want to see in a blog from NATHAN?

After some lively discussions, it became clear that not only did we need to do a blog, but we were excited to add it to our website. We don't know exactly what it will look like a year from now, but we came to the conclusion that we have lots of interesting, informative, and humorous (at least, we think so!) things to share that are happening around us every day.

On the NATHAN blog, you can count on us to bring you stories not only from us, but from our friends, teammates, and athletes who have all kinds of interesting perspectives on training tips, racing, health, nutrition, and life that we find inspiring, motivating, insightful, and sometimes, pretty darn funny.

If you have thoughts about anything we have to say here, or ideas for things that you'd like to see, please drop us a line on Instagram @nathansportsinc. In the meantime, friends, we hope you'll enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy putting it together! Run Stronger. Run Longer.


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