Nathan Product Review Awards


Each month we read through our reviews and select one that stands out among the rest as being helpful, insightful, productive or brutally honest. We will award the author of that review a $100 credit to spend online with us as a thank you for your participation in our community.

We appreciate your feedback regarding your experience with our products. Your feedback is essential to us continually improving to better serve our athletes!


  • Selected review must be original (do not write the same review across multiple products ‚Äì duplicates will not be considered ‚Äì we are looking for quality not quantity).

  • Selected review must be a complete sentence not a fragment or exclamation (e.g. - "great!" or "broken" would not qualify.) We want your insights to speak to other customers that are looking for feedback regarding our products!

  • Winners will be selected each calendar month by our team.

  • The store credit will be valid for up to 12 months from the date the store credit is awarded.

  • Only reviews regarding our products will be considered eligible to be selected.

  • Reviews lacking names will not be capable of being selected so please fill out the submission in its entirety.