We Run With You

Our Mission

NATHAN believes if you run, then you are a runner. No matter where or why, how far or fast, we create the essentials for you to have your best run. If you run, then NATHAN Runs With You.

Calling All Runners!

We want to run with YOU this season! And if we all stay hydrated, we'll run stronger and longer than ever before. We've got the hydration handhelds, belts and packs to help you hydrate BEFORE, DURING and AFTER every run - so you can fuel up, perform better, and recover quicker than ever!

1. Drink Before

Start every run, race or walk properly hydrated. If your tank's empty, you may never catch back up.

2. Sip During

Small sips throughout a run will provide much-needed fuel - and power - to your legs, body, and heart.

3. Gulp After

Recovery starts the moment you stop running, as your sore muscles are thirsty for hydration and electrolytes to get the blood pumping again.

How Hydration Helps You Run Stronger

Which is Best For Me - Handheld, Belt, or Pack?


Great for short-to-medium runs where you won't need a ton of water, or are able to fill up frequently. All NATHAN handhelds are GRIP-FREE, so you barely know they're in your hand.


Ideal for runs where you want to carry both water and a few essentials, such as gels, bars, keys, and of course your phone. All NATHAN belts are BOUNCE-FREE, and provide a super-comfy ride.


Necessary for longer runs or when you're self-supporting. Carry up to 2L of water, plus plenty of room for nutrition, gloves, jackets, and your smartphone. Choose between a women's specific, men's specific, or unisex fit for a comfortable, CHAFE-FREE experience.