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SaferRun Handheld Phone Carrier



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SaferRun Handheld Phone Carrier Product Header

Grip free design keeps your phone within reach and the specialized storage for the Ripcord Siren keeps the safety alarm easily accessible.

Beyond that, we are offering core products (Waist Pack, Armband, Strobe Light) with designated storage for the SaferRun Ripcord Siren.

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  • See-thru conductive touchscreen technology keeps your phone and other running essentials protected, while allowing you to see your splits, playlist, and incoming messages
  • Fully-adjustable hand strap with chafe-free thumb hole enables grip-free running
  • Fits most popular smartphones such as the IPhone, Galaxy or Pixel
  • Includes the award-winning SaferRun RipCord Siren Personal Alarm  - a TIME Magazine Top 100 Invention
  • Use it everywhere, be safe and secure when running, walking, on-campus, hikes or just cruising the city.


1. Attach

Attach to any article of clothing or gear before your run.

2. Pull to activate

Pull if you feel uncomfortable or in case of emergency to alert others of your distress. 

3. Push to Silence

Turn off and use again if needed.

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