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October 14, 2022

By: Nathan Sports
Published: 10/21/22

At Nathan Sports, we’re all about pushing ourselves to the limits - from the products we design, to the values we uphold, so it should come as no surprise that we expect the same standards from our sister brands! Meet two of our personal favorites, PEARL iZUMi and Glukos and find out why these brands are the best.


PEARL iZUMi is much more than a cycling company. Since inception, we’ve been dedicated to designing innovative cycling gear and apparel that achieves the perfect blend of performance and comfort. Founded on the belief that bikes are not just transportation, but a shared passion - a gateway to freedom that can be easily attained day after day. From the sustainable materials we use, to the manufacturing processes we employ, PEARL iZUMi is committed to delivering performance driven comfort that makes cycling even more enjoyable while actively protecting the world in which we ride.

Before your ride with PEARL iZUMi, don’t forget to give yourself an energy boost from Glukos! Another favorite around the Nathan Sports offices, feel the Glukos difference before or during your next exercise outing. Featuring an all-natural, no-junk, great-tasting formula, Glukos Liquid Energy Gels and Tablets give you twice the amount of energy, twice as fast as other carbohydrates. Made with your body’s natural, preferred energy source, glucose, you’ll feel immediate energy for the long and short haul without upsetting your stomach. Our favorite part about Glukos? The convenience! Both the gels and tablets are made for consuming on-the-go, meaning that you never have to slow down while you power up.

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